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Spring is here. Winter is coming.

April 2, 2015

Finding an Orphan Black season 3 cast photo with Ksenia Solo proved to be more difficult than I thought it would.

Time for my “spring season” viewing schedule. This will cover shows I’ll be watching in April, May and the beginning of June. Since one of the June ones doesn’t actually have an official start date yet, I’ll be following up around then with my summer viewing plans. I will stick with the chronological premier dates as, like I said last time, I’ll be using this article as a checklist for myself.

The only non-genre entry this season is the final season of AMC’s Mad Men which begins on April 5th. I can’t say I’m super upset by the end of this series as it’s something that I think Diane gets more out of than I do. While I haven’t regretted the ride, I’m most definitely getting more out of Better Call Saul at the moment.

Now onto the cool stuff. First up is the first of four Marvel Netflix original series. That would be Daredevil. To be honest the previews I have seen have not been all that inspiring for me but, I’ll be checking it out anyway. The entire series will be available on April 10th as per Netflix usual method of dumping an entire season all at once on their streaming service. Game of Thrones returns for its fifth season on HBO beginning on April 12th. For those who may have missed it, the showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss have announced that the series will spoil the books because they will be following the ending that George R. R. Martin intends for his seventh and final book. I felt this was as much a statement on Martin’s writing plans as the series schedule itself. On SyFy starting April 17th will be the fifth and final season of Lost Girl. This season looks like it will be largely missing Kenzi who is played by Ksenia Solo which is unfortunate as I really love her character. However, I won’t have long to wait for Ms. Solo’s return as she will be joining the cast of Orphan Black which begins its third season a day later on BBC America. This is a great little show that seems to still be largely unknown to most people. My dad even likes it which means it must be pretty awesome as he generally dislikes genre content. Moving into May, on the 3rd we have the return of Penny Dreadful on Showtime. As I said before, I would have completely missed this one had I not caught a better preview for it that made it look as much like The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen as well as a horror series. The first season had more than a few surprises in store and I’m interested to see where season two takes us. In June another Netflix original series Sense8 drops on June 5th. I have been waiting for this one for quite awhile as J. Michael Straczynski, the guy who brought as Babylon 5 and some equally awesome comic book series like Rising Stars and Midnight Nation, is involved. Finally, sometime in June, I’m guessing, will be the third season of Defiance on SyFy. My patience with this series paid off pretty nicely in season two and I’m anxious to see where season three goes given the events at the end of the second.

An additional note on my DVD/streaming would be in order. As long time readers know, I’ve been going through Stargate SG-1 and am just about to finish up season 7. I’ll cover this in an upcoming post. In addition to this, I have begun the X-Files first season and on Hulu plus the first season of the CW series The 100. I’ll be covering the X-Files in another post but the latter series is something that I had gotten interested in from previews during other CW shows I watch, which seems to be an awful lot given that they are still giving SyFy a run for their title. I’m enjoying it so far but I’m even more looking forward to season two as I’ve heard consistently that it is even better than the first.

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