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And then this happened

May 3, 2015

A totally inconsequential picture so someone skimming the site doesn’t get an unintended spoiler.

As long time readers of my blog will know I have been going through Stargate SG-1 as I missed it back when it was on TV. I’m just getting to the end of season seven and a huge bombshell landed on me. This is a pretty big spoiler so, if you have any plans to visit the series in the future you will probably want to stop reading now.








For those still with me, season seven has three two-part stories in it. The second one is called Heroes which features Saul Rubinek (Arty from Warehouse 13) as a documentary film maker sent by the president of the United States, no less, to Stargate Command to make a documentary of the Stargate project. The film will remain classified and only be shown to individuals with the appropriate security clearance until such time as the program is revealed to the public. In typical Stargate fashion a mission team ends up under attack and must be rescued by the SG-1 people. Since one of the mission team members is hurt they take Dr. Fraiser with them. To make a long story short, the doctor gets shot by a Jaffa energy weapon and ultimately dies. This completely blindsided me. I really liked Dr. Fraiser who was played perfectly by the actress Teryl Rothery. She was a fairly major secondary character in the series who I always thought was really cool and, with Stargate: Atlantis right around the corner, I hoped she would make the transition to main character in that series which, I guess, won’t be happening at this point.
I was equally surprised that this event had not been spoiled for me as I have talked about the series with numerous people over the years who watched it back in the day. I don’t remember if any of them actually read Fantastic Television but, if any of you do I’ll publicly thank you right now for keeping the secret over the past few years that I’ve gone through the series.

I have finished season seven at this point and read up on some of the comments from people at the time and it seems that this decision on the part of the SciFi Channel (as they were known at the time) proved to be a largely unpopular one with the fan base. Season seven is the second one under SciFi’s production and it’s pretty clear they wanted to change things up for the series. As an example, the large number of two part episodes in the season that I mentioned earlier. I also already know that Jack O’Neill leaves at the end of the next season (it was pretty much impossible to keep that a secret at this point in time) so, it will be interesting to see how that plays out. I was watching this along with season one of the X Files and The 100 but, ultimately decided to finish each season seperately as I felt that this schedule would work a little better for me. Reviews have been requested and will follow as I finish up those two seasons.


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