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Summer heats up

May 31, 2015

Defiance season 3 and the two on the right are who exactly?

Last summer my viewing kind of slowed down given that True Blood ended and that I dropped Falling Skies based upon the radical change in story direction. However, this summer things have sort of come back to normal thanks to SyFy and BBC America and the discovery of another non-genre edge series. Following what has become my usual format, I will be tackling things in chronological order.

Halt and Catch Fire was a show that I had watched the pilot for when it first came out but, never had an opportunity to really follow up on the rest of the season. Fortunately, Diane noticed it was on Netflix streaming in time for me to catch up before season two. It is an AMC series about a fictional firm called Cardiff Electric that is kind of dragged rather reluctantly into the whole PC war in the early 80s. Given the subject matter it is definitely an edge show, meaning that genre TV fans might find the series interesting. Give it a look as the second season started on May 31st.

Defiance is entering its third season with a two hour season premier and move to Friday night on SyFy. I’m really enjoying this show more as time goes on and the season two conclusion openned up a huge number of possible directions for the series. Defiance start on June 12th. And on the same night we get the premier of one of two new space based dramas. Being a fan of space dramas I am overjoyed especially given that we get an Expanse series in the fall as well. the new series is called Dark Matter and is based upon a comic book that I am unfamiliar with. The set-up is that six individuals wake up on a space ship with no recollection of who they are or why they are there. They pretty much had me at the space ship part.

Switching back to non-genre, on the same night, Orange is the New Black’s third season lands in its entirety on Netflix streaming service. It isn’t even close to an edge show but, in case anyone is interested my season one review is available on The Movie Waffler.

On the next day, June 13th, we switch back to genre TV with the BBC series Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell. This is a historical fantasy series set in during the Napoleanic Wars (which would be the early 19th century for people who have the same problem with dates that I do) which is kind of cool as it’s certainly not an overused time period for genre series. Apparently this is an alternate reality world where magic is commonplace and is based upon a book that I am also unfamiliar with.

By introducing two space based genre dramas this summer SyFy has decided to push season two of Z Nation to the fall. The second drama is called Killjoys and is about a team of bounty hunters. Not one to look a gift space based genre series in the mouth, I will be checking this out when it premiers on June 19th.

Moving to another edge series, season two of True Detective starts on HBO on June 21st. I have to say that I am extremely hesitant on this one. As I’ve said before, catching the same lightning in a bottle is also difficult for a second season and it strikes me as doubly hard given how unique True Detective’s first season was. I would love to be able to tell you more about it but, it seems that HBO hired the same team to do the preview that did all of the “next episode” segments of Mad Men as it told me absolutely nothing about the season. I’ll be checking it out anyway even though I remain skeptical. Oh yeah, my season one review of True Detective is also available on The Movie Waffler’s website.

Awhile back I watched season one of this cool Swedish series called Real Humans. While I still haven’t gotten to season two yet due to technical difficulties on my end, AMC is premiering their adaptation, called Humans, with an upside down A in the title, on June 28th. Quite honestly I’m still undecided on this one as I liked the original series so much. My viewing will probably depend upon whether Diane has any interest in it.

Finally, we end on a non-genre note with the return of Showtime’s Masters of Sex for its third season. The second season didn’t hold up quite as strongly for me as the first. I think a lot of this had to do with the timeline jumps in the season that they needed to make to get the story up to where they wanted to for the beginning of this season. I still enjoy the show very much so i’ll be checking it out when it premiers on July 12th. My review of season one is available here.

Busy summer and I hope it turns out to be as interesting as it looks

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